G2 Coolgate 360 Radiator


  Gold Award and best buy award by         Gold Award and best buy award by


 Coolgate 360 G2 Radiator Test: Round-Up Test



Coolgate 360 Radiator


Coolgate 360 Gold Award Bundymania      Coolgate 360 Radiator OC Recommande      Coolgate 360 Golden Wheel Award



Coolgate Radiator 360 Skinneelab Test      Coolgate Radiator 360 PC Cooling RU Test



Coolgate 420 Radiator


Coolgate 420 Radiator Gold Award     Coolgate 420 Radiator Test




Coolgate 480 Radiator


Coolgate 480 Radiator Gold Award


Coolgate 240 HD Radiator


Coolgate Radiator 240 HD PC Cooling RU Test


Coolgate 360 HD Radiator


Coolgate 360 HD Radiator Gold Award 




Coolgate releases High Performance G2 Radiators" 


Coolgate releases High Performance Radiators"